zhuzijun / 2019-03-28

The CCPIT (CCOIC)Training Center (hereinafter referred to as the Training Center), is a public institution that is set up with the approval of the State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform. It aims at providing training services for the entire network of the CCPIT. Its services include:

1. To provide training services for employees of CCPIT departments and affiliates;

2. To design training projects of public welfare;

3. To organize professional trainings on business & trade;

4. To complete other work assignments from the CCPIT.  

Currently, the major projects organized by the Training Center include:

  • Training sessions of Chinese enterprises' "going abroad”;

  • Training sessions on foreign aid;

  • Training sessions designed for communications among senior managers of International Chambers of Commerce;

  • Training sessions on international trade and economic rules and regulations;

  • Training sessions on free trade zones;

  • Training sessions designed for people of exhibition industry;

  • CEM training;

  • Talent training program for the CCPIT network;

  • Training sessions on CDCS test;

  • Training sessions on CTF test;

  • Training sessions on CSDG test.