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Commercial certification service is provided, upon application, by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (China Chamber of International Commerce) according to China’s laws and relevant regulations and international commercial practices in order to certify the documents and facts relating to commercial activities. Such certification applies to international commodity trade, service trade, technical trade, international contracting project, bidding, intellectual properties, foreign-relating trade lawsuits, investment, maritime affairs, etc. As an independent third party, CCPIT issues on the equal and impersonal basis commercial certificates, which are generally recognized by the governments, customs authorities, chambers of commerce and enterprises in more than 200 countries all over the world and therefore have a strong effectiveness of implementation overseas.

CCPIT has authorized almost a hundred local branches to issue commercial certificate, such branches form a business network covering all the country. The commercial certification service plays a significant role in the construction ofChina’s “One Belt and One Road”. The certified documents help smoothing customs clearance through foreign customs, business personnel timely obtaining visas, the identities of investors being confirmed by competent authorities and the products obtaining market admission. A certificate has become assistance to companies, enterprises and business community to explore international market, a maintainer keeping good international business orders and a medium connecting to international rules and international practices.

Function of Commercial Certificate

-To make the commodities exported fromChinabe smoothly cleared by the customs of importing countries;

-To smoothly settle exchanges relating to the commodities exported fromChinaaccording to the requirements as specified in L/C;

-To make the trademarks patents and other intellectual properties owned by Chinese natural persons, legal persons and other economic organizations be protected overseas;

-To provide certification to the companies who invest, establish offices, participate bidding invitations or undertake contracting projects overseas;

-To provide the relevant certification to make the products exported fromChinaobtain market admissions and licenses of production and marketing in exporting countries;

-To provide certification to the mediation, arbitration or lawsuit of disputes incurred between international commercial activities;

-To provide certification to application of visa

Procedures for Applying for Commercial Certificate

Applicants should have the following documents:

1.  Letters of introduction provided by their employers;

2.  Letters of application;

3. Photocopies of valid business licenses of enterprises or companies, valid registration certificates of other organization certificates of other organizations or identity cards (passports) of natural persons;

4.  Impressions of seals on documents requiring certification as well as identity certificates and signatures of legal representatives of responsible persons;

5.  If documents requiring certification are signed by persons other than legal representatives, the powers of attorney issued by legal representatives or responsible persons are required and so are the signatures of the signers;

6.  Original copies of documents requiring certification;

7.  Other related proofs as required by the certification agencies.

Documents and proofs submitted by applicants must be authentic, valid, lawful, neat and non-altered. The seals or signatures on them shall be complete and clear.

Answer questions, receive application ——>  accept application (initial reviewed documents) ——>  review and approve documents  ——>  issue certificates

If documents require certification by foreign embassies or consulates inChina, the certification agencies can handle his for clients.

Types of Certificates

First Type:

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade provides certificates for the following documents that are related to commercial activities:

1. Contracts and contract-related documents such as sales confirmations, contracting contracts, leasing contracts, technology transfer contracts, etc.;

2. Documents concerning the main qualifications of natural persons, legal persons, or other economic organizations or changes in the main qualifications, such as business licenses, articles of associations and profiles of companies;

3.  Commercial powers of attorney, agent certificates or other authorization certificates;

4. Certificates of the resolutions adopted at the inaugural meetings, meetings of shareholders, meetings of the boards of directors and meetings of the supervisors of companies;

5. Certificates issued by the relevant government institutions including, for example, approval certificates on enterprise’s import and export right, free sale certificates, pesticide registration certificates, permits of drug manufacturers, hygiene permits, GMP certificates, etc.;

6. Trade certificates such as commercial invoices, price lists, packing lists, proforma invoice, bill of lading, etc.;

7. Credit certificates including, for example, capital verification reports, auditing reports, bank credit certificates, bank letters of guarantee, etc.;

8. Certificates inspected by third parties and issued by certification institutions, such as quality management system certificates, ISO certificates, CE certificates, etc.;

9. Statements;

10. Documents relating to visa;

11. Registration documents, renewal documents, transfer documents or permit documents concerning trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights;

12. Certification of documents relating to authentic and effective data, electronic business and other electronic transactions;

13. Other documents requiring certification.

Second Type:

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade provides certificates for the following facts that are related to commercial activities:

1.  Events of force majeure;

2.  Other events or undisputed objective facts that are related to commercial activities.

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