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CCPIT Mediation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Mediation Center”), established in 1987, is an affiliated organization of CCPIT that founded in accordance with the Articles of Association of CCPIT. The Mediation Center is a permanent mediation institution that assists, in an independent and impartial manner, the parties to resolve civil and commercial disputes through mediation. The Mediation Center has established 46 domestic sub-centers in various regions of the country and industry sub-council, forming a nationwide mediation network.

Commercial mediation is a dispute resolution process where, under the assistance of a neutral third party, the parties reach a settlement agreement amicably by way of equal negotiation and mutual understanding. By being an efficient, confidential, flexible and cost-saving process, mediation has become an important and widely adopted dispute resolution mechanism internationally.

The Mediation Center has established a unified mediation rules. The Rules standardize the relations among the mediation institution, the mediator and the parties involved and embody the principle of party autonomy, honesty, fairness and effectiveness. Civil and commercial disputes between Chinese and foreign natural persons, legal persons and other organizations or particular disputes agreed between other special parties may be referred to the Mediation Center for mediation.

The Mediation Center has a panel of Mediators who possess professional knowledge and rich practical experience in the fields of economics, trade, finance, securities, investment, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, real estate, project contract, transportation, insurance and logistics. The Mediation Center handles more than 4,000 commercial cases every year, with a success rate of higher than 70%, involving parties from more than 50 countries and regions.

The Mediation Center actively seeks international cooperation. In order to provide effective mediation services, the Mediation Center has signed cooperation agreements or built joint mediation centers with mediation organizations from Germany, Britain, the United States, Japan, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and other countries and regions, thus forming effective cooperation procedures for handling cases.

Scope of Mediation

CPIT/CCOIC Mediation Center accepts disputes in relation to trade, investment, finance, securities, intellectual property right, technology transfer, real estate, construction contract, transportation, Insurance, and other commercial and maritime business.

The disputes stated above include:

1. International or foreign-related disputes;

2. Disputes related to HK SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region;

3. Disputes between foreign investment enterprises or between a foreign investment enterprise and a Chinese legal person, natural person, and/ or economic organization; and

4. Other domestic disputes.

Joint Mediation Centers

A. US-China Business Mediation Center

B. Italy-China Business Mediation Center

C. Beijing-Hamburg Mediation Center

D. China-South Korea Business Dispute Mediation Center

E. CCBC-CCPIT Joint Mediation Center

F. CCOIC-WTCM Mediation Center

G. CCPIT-HKMC Joint Mediation Center

Mediation Cooperation

A. The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

B. Hong Kong Mediation Center

C. Singapore International Arbitration Center

D. Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre

E. Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

F. Bangladesh Indenting Agents’ Association

Contact Information:

Tel: 86-10-82217081, 82217050, 82217036, 82217150

Fax: 86-10-82217052, 82217099