ICC China Commercial Law and Practice Commission

zhuzijun / 2019-03-12

ICC China Commercial Law and Practice Commission was established on September 23, 2016. The CLP Commission aims to recommend experts to ICC to participate in the formulation of rule practices and model contracts, and popularize ICC commercial rule products to Chinese companies. At the same time, the Commission will study the opinions and suggestions of Chinese enterprises on relevant policies and regulations in the process of “going out” and actively reflect them to relevant international organizations such as the International Chamber of Commerce. The Commission has more than 50 members all of which are well-known domestic enterprises, law firms and universities, such as King & Wood Mallesons, Dacheng Law Firm, Alibaba Group, and China National Machinery Industry Corporation etc. The chairman and vice-chairman of the Commission shall serve for a term of two years and have to be elected. The current chairman of the Commission is from Renmin University of China, and the secretariat is set up in CCOIC.