Intellectual Property

zhuzijun / 2019-04-16

CCPIT PATENT AND TRADEMARK LAW OFFICE is the oldest and one of the largest full-service intellectual property law firms in China. Our firm has 274 patent and trademark attorneys, with 72 qualified attorneys-at-law. We provide consultation, prosecution, mediation, administrative enforcement and litigation services relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, trade secrets, trade dress, unfair competition and other intellectual property-related matters. Headquartered in Beijing, we have branch offices in New York, Tokyo, Munich, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

OUR MISSION is to render tailored services to clients with high quality, efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective manner. We strive to continually improve the reliability and flexibility of our portfolio management system and the effectiveness of our quality control mechanism. We appoint teams of professionals with complementary expertise and organize brainstorming discussions when necessary. Our professionals are encouraged to be both proactive and creative, providing commentary and guidance and creating value-added solutions for our clients.

OUR CLIENTS represent every sector of industry and commerce, from start-up businesses to multinational giants. Through decades of practice, we have successfully obtained hundreds of thousands of patents and trademark registrations and enforced thousands of patents and trademarks for our clients. With extensive legal and technological expertise, we are in a position to satisfy the demands of our clients in all aspects of intellectual property protection.

OUR PROFESSIONALS are required to receive continuous professional training and education to keep pace with the development of rapidly changing laws and technologies. We organize in-house academic and experience-sharing activities on a regular basis. We send our professionals to attend training programs or pursue further education in law. Some of our attorneys are active speakers and participants in intellectual property-related conferences and seminars.

1) Patent Application and Protection

  • Patent application

  • Patent Strategic Planning

  • Patent Consultation, Searching and Analyzing

  • Patent Reexamination, Invalidation and Administrative Litigation

  • Patent Infringement Litigation and Analyzing, Enforcement through Administrative Authorities

  • Patent Licensing and Transferring

  • Annuities Payment

2) Trademark Application and Protection

  • Trademark Application

  • Trademark Searching and Consultation

  • Trademark Watching

  • Trademark Designing

  • Trademark Registration of Renewal, Change and Assignment

  • Trademark Reexamination, Opposition and Invalidation

  • Registration of Pledge for Trademark Right

  • Trademark Licensing and Transferring

  • Well-known Trademark Recognition

  • Trademark Strategic Planning

  • Trademark Enforcement through Administrative or Judicial Authorities

 3) Domestic IP Service

  • Domain Name Registrations & Dispute Resolution

  • Recordation of Intellectual Property with Customs & Customs Seizure

  • Computer Software Registration

  • Copyright Registration

  • Copyright Infringement Litigation & Administrative Handling

  • Trade Secret, Trade Dress and Unfair Competition

  • Filing Layout-design of Integrated Circuits Application

  • IP Services in Technology Trade

4) Overseas IP Service

  • Overseas Patent Application and Protection

  • Overseas Trademark Application and Protection

  • FTO (Freedom to Operate)

  • Application and Protection of Other Intellectual Properties

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China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) provides full-range IP services to its clients in China and abroad. Our practice areas are as follows:

  • Prosecution of patent and trademark applications;

  • Litigation relating to patent, trademark, copyright and other IP right disputes;

  • Registration of domain names;

  • Registration of layout designs of integrated circuits;

  • Other services relating to intellectual property rights.

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