China Unicom rebrands image to offer better 5G services

tongsimin / 2020-09-25

China Unicom, a major telecom operator in China, is rebranding its image to better attract consumers, and diversifying its 5G-powered services to tap into more business opportunities brought by the wider use of the superfast wireless technology.

Fan Yunjun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said the enterprise attaches great importance to the value of a company's brand in its development and it will work hard to use the brand strategy to push forward digital transformation.

The comments came as China Unicom unveiled a white paper on 5G smart venue, as it works hard to increase its capabilities to offer more 5G-powered services.

According to the white paper, China Unicom will empower the venues, where events and performing arts activities take place, with new capabilities in 5G networks and new video production and broadcasting technologies.

The plan came after China Unicom launched a 5G live broadcast platform at the end of 2019. The platform has so far livestreamed about 1,000 events including sports competitions, art performances, and cultural tours, which have been watched by about 300 million people.

China Unicom said it hopes to bring the arts activities in the venues to the "cloud", enabling hundreds of millions of people thousands of miles away to watch ultra-high-definition images of such performance at the same time.

The company also said it will attract more partners into its 5G smart video ecosystem.