Invitation to China-Middle East and North Africa (Morocco) International Trade Fair

tongsimin / 2021-02-19

With the growing global health concerns about the spread of COVID-19, it is not possible to safely convene a large number of people in Casa Blanca in late November 2020 to meet and do business in person.


An online trade fair will allow you to safely share ideas and introduce the products. You’ll be able to participate in our online show wherever you are. This year’s China-Middle East and North Africa (Morocco) International Trade Fair will be held from Nov 19 to Nov 28, 2020.


What’s on exhibition: NEVs & auto parts, building materials, daily consumer goods & electronic products, agriculture & food, textile & clothing, tourism, education, medical equipment, PPE, etc.


1,000+ exhibitors and 10,000+ potential buyers from China and MENA region sign on to attend this year’s online trade fair, you will be offered a highly personalized experience:


Product showcase. The digitalized trade fair enables you to explore products and services through dynamic product showcases or live demos.


Digital marketing scenario. You can conduct real-time online negotiation through our platform. Direct communication between exhibitors and potential buyers can be achieved via data matching and intelligent search.


Meetings and networking. You’ll be able to engage with the brands, thought leaders and business connections you are interested in with live interactions, meetups or roundtable discussions.


For further enquiries about our trade fair, please contact us:

Ms. Xuan ZHOU  +86-10-82217251;;

Ms. Chang HE  +86-10-86431065;


Organizer: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Co-organizer: China Chamber of International Commerce