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Dear Madam/Sir,


To strengthen connectivity and economic and trade ties between China and MENA and boost industry vitality amid Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce the staging of China - Middle East & North Africa International Trade Digital Expo’, which will be held from 15th to 24th  June, 2021.


This event is organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, in cooperation with China Chamber of International Commerce.


Event Information:


Name: China - Middle East & North Africa International Trade Digital Expo

Time: 15th - 24th June, 2021

B2B Sessions (Themes to be confirmed):

15th June - Automobile and accessories

16th June - Mechanical and Electronic products

17th June - Consumer Electronics

21st June - Textile and Clothing

22nd June - Home Decoration and Building-Materials

23th June - Food Agriculture


Divided into six sessions, the event is expected to attract 1,000+ exhibitors from various industries who will showcase exhibits and conduct business activities online. 


This Virtual Exhibition will be held on digital platform with the support of 1,000+ companies from Consumer goods, Home Decoration, Building materials, Automobile and accessories, Hardware, Infrastructure, Construction, Food Agriculture, Trade in services and many more. Visitors can have live one-on-one chat and real-time B2B video meetings with the companies online.

In this regard and on behalf of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Chamber of International Commerce, we are pleased and honored to invite you to participate in this exclusive and important digital event. 


We would also be delighted if you could invite big and prominent corporations, businessmen as well as relevant government institutions, trade organizations and industry associations to attend and participate in the sessions to be held from 15th to 23th June, 2021.


Should you need any further information, please contact Ms. ZHOU Xuan (Tel: 0086 10 82217251; Email address:


We look forward to welcoming you in this important event.







China Chamber of International Commerce


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