Special Research of B&R China Automotive Enterprise “Overseas Competitiveness”

zhuzijun / 2019-04-17

Research purpose

The research aims to promote the participation of Chinese automobile enterprises in the construction of “Belt and Road”, gain an in-depth understanding about the status and prospects of their overseas business, and provides services and supports for them to further "go out", " go in" and " go up" in the construction of B&R.  


Research status

The research group conducted field investigation on a number of mainstream automobile companies in China, and found that either state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, the passenger car enterprises or commercial car enterprises, are all ambitious to strengthen the international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. 


B&R China Automotive Enterprise “Overseas Competitiveness” Blue Book 

Through rigorous investigation and analysis on overseas development of Chinese automobile enterprises, the research group combs its internationalization mode, path and future direction, evaluates its competitiveness, and will officially issue《B&R China Automotive Enterprise “Overseas Competitiveness” Blue Book》.


B&R China Automotive Enterprise “Overseas Competitiveness” Blue Book

Content Abstracts

01. Overview of Chinese Automobile Export Trade

02. Status of Chinese Automobile Export Trade Competitiveness

03. Research on OverseasCompetitiveness of Chinese Automobile Enterprises

       Evaluation index system for Chinese automobile enterprises overseas competitiveness

       Portrait analysis of Chinese automobile enterprises overseas competitiveness   

       Assessment of Chinese automobile enterprises overseas competitiveness

04. New Challenges of "Going Out" 

05. New Trends and Prospects of “Going Out"

06. Countermeasures and Suggestions for Improving the Overseas Competitiveness 


Status of China-Africa Automobile Trade

In 2017, China exported 81,000 vehicles to African region with the export value up to $1.73 billion, increasing 2.2 % year-on-year. The exports to African countries accounted for 7.63% of China’s total auto export volume during the year, while export value accounted for 12.31%.


Proportion of African countries in China's automobile export volume and export value in 2017

Data source:CAAM, Car Research Consulting


Benefiting from the tremendous business opportunities brought by traditional friendship and further cooperation of China and Africa, Africa has attracted many Chinese enterprises in recent years. As the African countries are passionate about participating in the construction of B&R, China and Africa will build a closer community of common destiny, which will become a "new engine" for more Chinese enterprises to enter Africa.







Geely and Gabor Group built a factory in Cairo, to assemble Geely automobiles in Egypt in CKD mode, initially designed with an annual production capacity of 30,000 units.


South Africa

The plant is located in Port Elizabeth, with a total investment of $800 million, and the planned production capacity is 100,000 units. The plant includes welding, painting, stamping and assembling workshops.



The factory is located in Dongfang Industrial Park, Dukam City, Ethiopia. The factory has 21000 square meters of standard factory, with designed production capacity of 50,000 vehicles a year.

Data source:public information collation


The prominent role of African B&R countries 


As the key node of B&R construction, the geographical advantage of Egypt is prominent. The open trade policy and the preferential tariffs policies of Arab countries and the EU have made Egypt a popular country for Chinese automobile enterprises to actively promote localized production. Many Chinese automobile enterprises, including Geely, Brilliance, JAC, Chang' an and FAW, have established overseas factories in Egypt.


South Africa

South Africa is the other end of the “Maritime Silk Road”. The relatively developed infrastructure, complete financial and legal system and abundant labor resources have made South Africa a popular destiny for Chinese automobile enterprises to launch localized production. Chinese automobile enterprises represented by FAW, Chang' an and BAIC have set up factories in South Africa one after another, injecting new momentum into the development of South Africa's automobile industry.


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