Services for Members

zhuzijun / 2019-04-17

1. Providing international economic and trade information, publishing foreign trade friction early warning information;

2. Organizing economic and trade delegations and related activities to accompany senior state leader’s visits to foreign countries, and receiving the visits of high-level business delegations from abroad;

3. Expanding business opportunities and resources through extensive contacts by business councils and chambers of commerce worldwide for both business matching and cross border policy lobbying;

4. Complying with the international market trend, to hold quality exhibitions and promotion activities, and to help companies achieve the object of rational distribution;

5. Taking the advantage of China Pavilion platform of World Expo, to showcase the economic situation and development philosophy of China, and to facilitate enterprises to develop foreign economic and trade exchanges;

6. Promoting international trade knowledge and commercial rules and practices, to help enterprises to enhance their abilities of international operations and risk control capabilities;

7. In accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and International commercial practices, to issue commercial certification and certified commercial documents, to sign and issue ATA Carnet, and to act as an agent for consular certification;

8. Providing international commercial legal advice, commercial arbitration, and intellectual property services;

9. Facilitating enterprises to cope with international trade frictions, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises;

10. Organizing enterprises and experts to participate in the formulation and revision of international commercial rules;

11. On behalf of Chinese commercial community, to assist the economic and trade consultations between governments, and to engage in foreign trade and economic lobbying;

12. On behalf of Chinese commercial community, to reflect opinions to Chinese and foreign governments and international organizations, to put forward policy recommendations, and to participate in global economic governance.