The World’s Largest High-Altitude Wind Power Project Commenced Construction

zhuzijun / 2023-04-23


Lately, the launch ceremony of the 100MW wind power project of CHN Energy in Seni District, Nagqu, with a total investment of 640 million yuan, was held, marking that construction of the project commenced.

The project, located in Nagqu Town, Seni District of Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region, with an average altitude of 4,650 meters, is the largest wind power project in Tibet as well as the largest wind power project 4,500 meters above sea level around the world. The construction of the project plays an exemplary role for promoting high-altitude wind turbine R&D and application and large-scale development of high-altitude wind power projects. When completed, it will generate clean electricity of about 200 million kWh, save some 60,000 tons of standard coal, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 160,000 tons each year. It is crucial for optimizing Nagqu City’s energy structure, guaranteeing winter heat and power supply for local people, and promoting rural revitalization and socioeconomic development.