China-Arab States Expo

tongsimin / 2019-11-12

China-Arab States Expo is a national-level comprehensive expo with international participation. It is approved by the State Council of China, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

The expo has its predecessor know as China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum. Since 2010, three sessions of China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forums (2010, 2011, 2012) and three sessions of China-Arab States Expo (2013, 2015, 2017) have been held with great success in Ningxia, which have been widely recognized among countries along the “Belt and Road”, including the Arab countries, making positive contribution to enhancing the pragmatic cooperation between China and Arab countries.

The 4th China-Arab States Expo will be held from 5th to 8th in September, 2019 in Yinchuan, Ningxia, with an overall exhibition scale of 40,000 sqm. Concurrent activities include:


Opening Ceremony of the 4th China-Arab States Expo

Important Chinese and overseas guests deliver speeches; leaders of MOFCOM, CCPIT and PGON deliver speeches.


Exhibitions & Investment and Trade Promotion Activities

  1. “Belt and Road” Cooperation and Innovative Products Exhibition & Promotion Meeting of the Belt and Road Countries

(1) “Belt and Road” Cooperation and Innovative Products Exhibition of the Belt and Road Countries

Mainly display the national images, competitive industries, cooperative projects, high-quality featured products and innovative products of countries along the Belt and Road; demonstrate featured and advantageous products and projects of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China; show famous, high-quality and featured commodities of each city (county, district) in Ningxia.

(2) Promotion Meeting of the Belt and Road Countries

Leaders of government departments or of the administration committees of the parks of countries (regions) along the Belt and Road are invited to introduce their investment environment and advantageous industries during the Expo. They can hold talks with domestic and foreign participating enterprises interested in investing and reach cooperation.


  1. Modern Agriculture Exhibition & Agricultural Industrial Cooperation Dialogue

(1) Modern Agriculture Exhibition & Matchmaking Meeting

Demonstrate China's advanced agricultural technology; Ningxia's featured and high-quality agricultural products and advanced technologies; products, technologies, equipment and development achievements of famous wine brands at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia; exploration and experience of implementing the strategy of rural vitalization and technology of sand prevention and control in Ningxia, etc.

(2) Agricultural Industry Cooperation Dialogue

Hold dialogue and discussion centering on cooperation in agricultural technology, trade promotion, agricultural development, and other aspects; sign cooperation agreements for new varieties and new technology introduction as well as agricultural "go global" cooperation projects; hold docking activities for exhibitors and buyers to promote business cooperation.


  1. High-tech and Equipment Exhibition & Technological Achievements Promotion & Matchmaking Meeting

(1) High-tech and Equipment Exhibition

Present China's high-tech achievements and equipment in the fields of Information Technology, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, biotechnology, resource environment, and others; set up a special zone to demonstrate the main achievements of scientific and technological cooperation between Eastern China and Western China, and international scientific and technological cooperation.

(2) Technological Achievements Promotion & Matchmaking Meeting

Launch special promotion &matchmaking meetings such as "mapping technology and equipment with aerospace remote sensing”, "technology and equipment in intelligent manufacturing”, "technology and equipment for environmental protection",   Agricultural Robot and Agricultural Internet of Things", "Green Development and New Energy Resources", and promote signing of a batch of technology transfer and cooperation projects.


  1. Infrastructure and Capacity Cooperation Exhibition & Promotion Meeting of Investment in

Overseas Park

(1) Infrastructure and Capacity Cooperation Exhibition

Show cooperation achievements and technical equipment in the fields of transportation, water conservancy and electric power, petrochemical industry, industrial and civil construction, machinery and equipment, electronic communication, industrial parks, etc.

(2) Promotion Meeting of Investment in Overseas Park

Promote China's key overseas industrial parks and key capacity cooperation projects in the Belt and Road countries, organize enterprises to conduct project docking and introduce more enterprises to the parks.


  1. Internet plus Healthcare Industry Exhibition & Application Conference

(1) Internet plus Healthcare Industry Exhibition

Demonstrate high-tech electronic medical products, remote and mobile medical products and relevant software, medical application platforms and others, provide product experience and interactive communication, and propel the integration of internet and healthcare services from the aspects of healthcare, public health, drug supply protection, application of artificial intelligence, etc.

(2) Internet plus Healthcare Industry Application Conference

Promote new technologies, new business types, new products and applications concerning “Internet plus Healthcare", present construction achievements of Ningxia's "Internet plus Healthcare" Demonstration Area; set up special area for business negotiation, and organize concentrated contract signing ceremony for participating enterprises and medical institutions, etc.


  1. Logistics Cooperation Meeting

Through holding promotion meetings, communication discussions, site inspections and other activities, exchange platform of logistics will be established to promote and enhance communication and docking between west China and railways and eastern ports, so as to accomplish win-win cooperation.


  1. China-Arab States Tour Operators Conference

Promote tourism resources and product lines; stimulate cooperation in sending tourists to each other, becoming mutual travel destinations and other aspects; advance exchange and cooperation among enterprises of tourism industries.


  1. Investigation and Observation Activities in Ningxia

Organize participating enterprises at home and abroad to observe and investigate the advantageous featured industries of Ningxia and hold in-depth docking negotiations.


Series of Activities of Theme Province (Jiangsu)

  1. The opening ceremony of Theme Province (Jiangsu) Pavilion
  2. Industries and Products Exhibition of Theme Province (Jiangsu)

Show featured industries and famous products of Jiangsu province.

  1. Jiangsu-Ningxia Enterprise Trade and Investment & Industrial Park Cooperation

Matchmaking Meeting

By means of enterprise matchmaking meetings, industrial inspection and other activities, combining the optimization and integration of Ningxia’s industrial parks with the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu’s industrial parks, the Fair will push forward a group of parks to establish a cooperative relationship and project signing for cooperation among a number of featured and advantageous industries.


Conferences and Forums

  1. China-Arab States Business Summit

In order to strengthen industrial and commercial exchanges and cooperation among China, Arab States and other countries along the Belt and Road, with economic and trade cooperation as the main line, thematic speeches, high-end dialogue, legal seminars on Sino-Arab commercial affairs, project signing and results release will be held.


  1. China-Arab States Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference

Chinese and Arab ministerial guests deliver keynote speeches; government officials, well- known experts and entrepreneurs from both sides in the fields of science and technology, trade and international relations will make special speeches on the theme of the Conference; representatives of the Expert Advisory Committee of China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center will be certificated; institution representatives of China-Arab States Technology Transfer Network will be licensed; agreements on technology transfer and cooperation in science and technology will be signed.


  1. Investment and Capacity Cooperation Conference

Through holding Investment and Capacity Cooperation Conference, Investment and Financing Session for Infrastructure Construction along the Silk Road Economic Belt, Session for Overseas Investment Credit and Risk Management, and Cooperation Forum for Multinational Companies settling in Ningxia, integration of industry and finance for infrastructure will be innovated, enterprise's risk mitigation ability for "going out" will be enhanced, the effectiveness of utilizing foreign investment will be improved, and new competitive strengths in international economic cooperation will be cultivated.


  1. Online Silk Road Conference

Hold Internet High-Level Forum, communicate in topics such as building a cyberspace community of common destiny and digital economic cooperation; organize roadshows for Online Silk Road Project, match up IT enterprises with investment institutions; organize participating enterprises to visit Information Industry Park and accelerate substantive exchanges and cooperation.



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